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2021 in reflection with UK dance prodigy Joel Corry: Interview

2021 in reflection with UK dance prodigy Joel Corry [Interview]

At the turn of the year, UK club staple Joel Corry wouldn’t have even comprehended the immense success that he was to experience throughout the rest of 2021. The past 12 months have been incredible for the 32-year-old DJ and producer from London, as he has ventured back on the road with huge new dance hits in his back pocket.

Following the chart-topping success of his record “Head & Heart” last year, productions have come even bigger and better in 2021 for Joel Corry. Having worked meticulously on new music over the course of the pandemic, studio time has proved fruitful as his most significant release of the year arrived alongside the number one DJ of the world, David Guetta. Combining with the Frenchman and talented vocalist RAYE, “BED” charged to the summit of singles charts world-wide, putting even more global acclaim to his name. He didn’t stop there either, combining with fellow UK mastermind Jax Jones, Charli XCX and Saweetie for their dynamic floor-filler, “OUT OUT”. Following an invigorating performance at Printworks in London, Joel found himself performing out in Dubai earlier this month at the stunning FIVE Hotels and Resorts. We caught up with him ahead of his set at The Penthouse venue overlooking the “City of Gold”, to uncover his highlights of 2021, inspirations and more in an exclusive interview.


How has your FIVE experience been so far? How often do you come back to play here in Dubai?

I’ve had a short trip, but an amazing trip. It’s so nice to get a little break away from London where the weather’s not great this time of year. I’m looking forward to playing in this amazing venue in The Penthouse – I already know it’s going to be crazy. I love coming to Dubai, it’s my happy place; I was also here in January, at the start of this year for a couple of weeks and it was so beneficial to me. I find it hard to ever take a holiday because things are very busy and I like to work hard. However, I realised when I was here earlier in the year that it was good to have those two weeks off to just reset and get some clarity in my mind – it definitely helped me for the rest of the year. I’m going to come back again for another two weeks in January next year, just to make sure I get that rest time again.


How do you prepare for a set at The Penthouse in Dubai in comparison to somewhere in the UK, for example?

Regardless of where I am, I always play based on the crowd’s reaction and tonight I know they’re going to be fully up for it, so it will be a very energetic set. They will be looking forward to hearing my records but I’ve got a two hour set tonight



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