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5 Ethnic Brands to look out for in 2021

#1 The Story of Kohl

Instagram ID: @thestoryofkohl

Kajal Manjani , Director of Kajal Kreations and manages a brand named as The Story of Kohl.

Kajal is hardworking, determined, and believes in achieving her goals. She has grown and  learned from experience in numerous industries. She started her career with the IT Industry and later ventured out to be an entrepreneur. Likewise, she started her manufacturing company, Kajal Kreations in 2017 and recently launched her brand The Story of Kohl. She is also coming up with her brand Manka which will be available on Myntra and other online stores and cater to masses across

The Story of Kohl

B.Com grad from Jodhpur, Rajasthan and blessed with a supportive family. She moved to Mumbai in 2010 to start her career. Having a small-town upbringing, she found Mumbai very welcoming and kind to her.

She always had aspiration to start her own business, and one day decided to step outside of her comfort zone and pursue it. Her dreams and ambition inspired her to do what she is now. Even in tough economic times, she knows that the businesses will eventually bounce back and turn out well. She believes that it’s just matter of time and all its required is to keep building be flexible enough to accept the changing times.

“To grow business just not for my own material needs but to ensure that the organization is capable enough to support many other families and create the best version of tomorrow”

Mission statement

Q1, what is your idea about Fashion in Luxury? It is all about creating uniqueness and just not expensive. It’s about craftsmanship and exclusiveness and made up of details.

Q2, What are your plans for your brand future ? Success Comes from strong plans. The plans are to think ahead, build the brand, and make it a luxury brand by creating uniqueness in the market.

Q3, What is your current target audience? The brand is versatile to cater to all age groups who want to dress up sassy and classy and brides who love to give a new definition to their special day.

Q4, What would be your advice for young Entrepreneurs? Dare to Dream, Dare to take the risk, never give up and keep going. Keep working towards your goal till you achieve them. “Business is not only an organization, it is a baby that we nurture”

At last, she likes to submit a thank you note to all who has been part of her journey. She thanked her parents, brother, and friends for their support. Especial thanks to my guiding angel , my mentor for always guiding me and supporting me and my team for trusting me and standing by my side. I am very grateful to Waheguru ji for blessing me with best of people around.

#2 Mor Ethnics

Instagram ID: @morethnics website: www.morethnics.com

Husband wife duo Himanshu Mor and Pooja started Mor Ethnics, a family business with roots dating back to 1945. Mor Ethnics an online store that was started during the pandemic.  As an online venture of Mor & Sons, Mor Ethnics provides ethnic wear worldwide.

Mor Ethnics

Our Bridal shop Mor & Sons is a Bridal Store in Hyderabad.” In our line of business, we’re in ethnic for a long time, and now we’re aiming to expand online to fulfil customer needs. As a company, we wanted to make a brand that represents traditional Indian fashion. Moreover, d2C brands are booming and giving rise to an increase in demand for fashion products that originate from indigenous weavers and artisans.

As the interest in online shopping increases and make in India products gain popularity, a massive shift is on the horizon for how Indian consumers shop online for fashion.

“Provide with the best quality Indian ethnic wear needs of the customer at affordable prices”


When we talk about luxury fashion, we’re talking about brands with expensive products made with excellent craftsmanship. We’re right now working to diversify our product portfolio globally to expand Mor Ethnics globally. Furthermore, our products are targeted towards online and offline shoppers looking for women’s ethnic wear clothing

Q1, What would be your advice for young Entrepreneurs? In my experience, the most important trait for entrepreneurs is to be dynamic and flexible. As a result, my advice to young entrepreneurs is to stay on top of current market trends, capitalize on them, and build a strong connection with customers.

#3 ‘6Yards’ by Saukhya

Instagram ID: @saukhya_6yards

Hairini Channappa is a psychology major from the Royal City of Mysore. She is independent, skilled, talented, ambitious, and a born leader who wants to build her empire. Being human is important to her, and she loves animals. In addition to 20 years of experience in top international education institutes, she has also managed international education projects in Europe and Asia.

She now has her project, ‘6Yards by Saukhya,’ an online ethnic store for women today. Also, Introducing Nature Nest, a new company she’s launching, an online one stop store for natural and organic products.


When an Indian woman wears a saree it is 6Yrads of pure elegance and powerful beauty in simplicity. I intended to offer a wide range of designs to our Indian community Globally that would suit both modern and traditional mindsets to love and embrace Indian clothing.

Q1.  What is your current perception of the market situation? Nothing is permanent, including pandemics. As we move forward, we should be aware of new advanced technologies in the market.

Q2. What is your idea about Fashion in Luxury? Fashion is a way of expressing yourself without having to speak. An expression doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive. Be true to yourself instead of following the trend blindly.

Q3. What would be your advice for young Entrepreneurs? “Have a solid business plan, Prepare for financial challenges, Be frugal – remember you’re a start-up, Don’t be afraid to ask for help, Put your faith in a trusted mentor, Marketing on a shoestring budget, Website is a must, Build a team that shares your vision, Build a strong network, Embrace feedback and learn from your mistakes, Never stop learning, Safeguard your venture and Do what you love”

A woman of any age, women of all genders, and men who care for women, sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, should tap on this page. Get a true sense of yourself by experiencing ‘6Yards’ by Saukhya. ‘6Yards’ is for the women of today! ‘6Yards’ by Saukhya is extremely customer-friendly and supportive. ‘6Yards’ welcomes healthy collaboration for reaching our community for SAUKHYA – the happiness of all. Contact Number: +91-7975683139

#4 Raishaa

Instagram ID: Raishaaofficial

RAISHAA is a Mumbai-based brand created by a mother-and-daughter duo to celebrate and recognize the work of local artisans in the Indian fashion industry. Several companies have drastically reduced their environmental impact as a result of the pandemic. RAISHAA is a Mumbai-based brand created by a mother-and-daughter duo to celebrate and recognize the work of local artisans in the Indian fashion industry. Several companies have drastically reduced their environmental impact as a result of the pandemic.


Our goal is to offer you a versatile selection of clothing suitable for every occasion. Along with cocktail wear, our designer’s design fusion and prêt too.


Since we are a boutique brand, we want to give back to the artisans who pioneered our dreams to become designers and showcase their outstanding work. Several proceeds go to sustain the artisans’ livelihoods.

Q1. Are there any ready pieces available In-store ? We wish to promote a reduction in mass production of fashion therefore all clothes are custom made once the order is placed.

Q2. When may I expect to receive my order ? We aim to provide your order to you through in-person pick-up within 7-10 business working days. Alterations are available after the clothing is made

#5 Shree-The Indian Avatar

Instagram ID:  @shreetheindianavatar

A lifestyle destination focused on everyday women’s clothing in India and overseas, SHR Lifestyle PVT. LTD. offers customers an exclusive range of ethnic clothing for women at the most valuable prices.

Shree – The Indian Avatar

Shree draws its inspiration from an Indian woman’s sense of individuality – Women who seamlessly maneuver her social, professional, and personal lives with ease and grace. Fashion needn’t be expensive with lifestyle brand Shree. With the wide range of offerings this brand offers, you can be the casual chic, the party popper, the comfort hoarder, the dainty outerwear girl, the workaholic, or the wanderer at ease. Shree- The India Avatar is a great option when you want to go perked and pretty in ethnics.

Shree’s myriad kurtis and salwars are further infused with international trends, so you will stand out from the crowd. Whether you are pastel or a pop, toned down or flamboyant, Shree allows you to be you, consistently!

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