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1. Piri India IG-@piriindia

Sravana Solanki is the Creative Director and founder of Piri India Hyderabad-based luxury
couture label. Piri India is a young brand initiated during the pandemic. Sravana never thought of design until she explored career options after school, she resonated with her creative side more and soon understood she wanted her luxury fashion label one day. For Piri India, luxury comes from all the hours spent on handcrafted elements put together with precision and thought, designing numerous elements juxtaposed in a way where everything about
the outfit is in harmony while looking out of the box. Not to forget how important it is that the client
feels comfortable in what he/she is wearing
Sravana Solanki’s goal here is to create contemporary luxury fashion along with innovative surface
design techniques and fabric manipulation. While speaking about an ideal Piri woman, she says that
she is experimental, fun and radiates feminity and strength that’s evident in her style. On lines of
advice, “Your business needs all your attention and it’s all worth it. Also, don’t compete with
anybody! It’s your journey” – Sravana Solanki said.

2. AarahabyKalpanaDoshi IG-Aarahabykalpanapravalika

The designers behind the label is Pravalika Aerukula & Kalpana Doshi
We have started as a small business and now we have grown to a compact team of craftsmanship. Catering women with the traditional collection, cocktail indo western collection, fun colorful lehenga, glamourous evening lehengas. Designing and creating is something I’ve always loved! By my love to design outfits for me, this initial interest of mine grew into a skilled craft that to led me to launching “AarahabyKalpanaDoshi” luxury fashion label
Our vision is to create an Extensive variety of creative Luxury fashion at an affordable price luxury,
we have designed for great celebrities like Tollywood actress Priyanka Mohan, Akshata snawane,
singer Mangli, Television actresses Chaitra rai, Mahishivan. We can design outfits for women with all
sizes and age, soon for men too!

Aarhabykalpanapravalika is a luxury couture label, creating dreams with rich techniques of the
artistic designs, patterns and flawless execution, our real embellishments and design to invent
original embroideries being inspired by our heritage art and prominence for creating unique 3D
structural texture with fabric and hand embroidery on the blouses and lehengas.

3. Mamta Goel IG-@mamtagoelofficial

Our aim to inculcate comfort as a promising concept in the fashion industry, Mamta Goel was
launched in July 2020. The brand started with a workshop at home, to now a store in Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad. This is the perfect example of, ‘from dreaming to living the dream’. To make design her
forte, she first fell in love with the conceptualisations and curated outfits that were beyond expectations.
In 2018, she had showcased her collection, ‘Madhubani Art’, in London Fashion Week ‘18 as a
fashion designer. This was a huge step for her career in fashion. She has been awarded by the High
Commission of India in London for the same. This was also featured in the top magazines, Elle and
Cosmopolitan. She has also done a course on Fashion Styling from London School of Trends,
mentored by Joseph Toronko. Being certified in Draping Button Masala Techniques by Kawaljit Singh,
has given her the exposure towards different styles. She showcased her first kids-wear collection in
Gavins Fashion Show ‘17, and received an appraisal for the same.
Luxury is a feeling, a belief, a mindset and a lifestyle. Luxury brands, make a person feel privileged to
own their products, while creating a balance between the line of creating what their customers’
perceive as something truly new and eye-catching, where they might not require it, but definitely do
desire it. Their target audience being women of ages 13 and above, the brand aims to instil
confidence in their customers, wearing their silhouettes.

4. Good American IG- Good American

“Our Jean empower every woman” launched in 2016, the brand
was launched by khloe Kardashian and marketing whiz Emma Grede to inject some much needed
positivity into the plus-size denim market. A decent pair of jean can be the few clothing items gives
joy than other. Especially if you’re size zero. While legacy denim brands are catching up with this
inclusive culture shift
Offering in style in US size 0-24, from high-waisted to scissor-hemmed-not to mention high
covetable option, Eco-friendly fabrics and packaging are a key considering alongside US
manufacturing the pays a fair, living wage. As the brand proclaims, as the brand proclaims whether
she’s the maker or the wearer.

5. 11.11/Eleven Eleven IG – 1111clothing

“Mia Morikawa, co-founder and director, is explaining the mission of
the Indian slow fashion brand. Design by Co-founder Shani Himanshu, the brand builds power in
indigenous communities by spotlighting important ‘anti-industrial’ technique.
For example: 100-per-cent handmade sweater, featuring hand-knitting plus a near-field
communication’ that digitally shows the seed to stitch process of the sweater’s journey with a quick
phone-tap, everything help us to spread the message of community-centric fashion for good.
11.11/eleven eleven has acquired an international fan base as well as store in New Delhi. And a
concept store in Tokyo. It’s a critical time to celebrate this work, writing it into the global fashion
narrative. – Morikawa said

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