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7 Things We Learned From Illenium’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit

Illenium recently released his fourth album, Fallen Embers, and said farewell to his first three albums in a special, once-in-a-lifetime Trilogy set at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Now, as he moves into tour mode for the album for the remainder of this year and next, he went on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything, allowing fans to ask him… just about anything.

Over the course of four hours, he answered a variety of questions regarding the album, the tour, his general sound, and even mental health.

Read a couple of the highlights below and see the full thing here.

On making “harder” songs again

On taking a step back and internalizing his accomplishments

On doing more remixes

On the “most challenging” song to write for Fallen Embers

On finding the right vocalist

On how “Brave Soul” was written

On dealing with mental health

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