85 per cent Indians prefer working from a scenic location

OYO has conducted a consumer survey to study travel intent and expectations among its user base across some of its core markets, including India, Indonesia and Europe. The year-end annual index ‘OYO Travelopedia 2021′ studies travel expectations and consumer behaviour.

Here are some of the travel trends for India:

According to the report, nearly 65 per cent of respondents have travelled in the past six months and a majority of them visited their loved ones. India is a resilient country and with mass vaccination drives, travel intent and confidence is back. 60 per cent of respondents have planned vacations for the winter holiday season. However, most seem to plan their trip closer to the date. Nearly 31 per cent said they plan their trips a month in advance, whereas 26 per cent prefer planning their travel only a week in advance. This is a stark contrast from pre-Covid days.

The hills v/s beach choice is still balanced with 35 per cent of respondents preferring a trip to mountainous regions, whereas 24 per cent prefer beach destinations. But the highest takers at 53 per cent said they are very likely to explore offbeat domestic destinations. Road trips still continue to be a big hit among Indians. Over half the respondents said they would travel by private or rental cars, 35 per cent said they were just as fine to hop on a bus or a train, and a mere 14 per cent were happy to take a flight. Hotels were the top choice of accommodation among users, with approx. 60 per cent opting for it, followed by a preference for resorts and waterfront properties by a lakeside, river or beach.

44 per cent said they would, without a hitch, enjoy the new year with family and friends, another 44 per cent said they would love to travel with family and friends. Around nine per cent Indians also opted to go solo and travel – a soul searching this New Years.

According to the report, nearly 48 per cent Indians worked from home during the year, out of which a whopping 85 per cent preferred taking workcations or working away from home in a scenic location. And out of these, 61 percent took a workcation. Nearly 27 per cent took a month-long workcation.

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