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Newsclimb is a emerging Indian media and information platform, known for its end-to-end coverage of the Indian startup and Entrepreneurs ecosystem. We work with the mission to empower, connect & grow the Indian Entrepreneur Ecosystem by providing them with Economic and Global news with a focus on helping small business entrepreneurs by giving a fruitful advice and tips with Harvard Business review, same time keeping it up trendy

Newsclimb is the authoritative voice of the Indian Entrepreneurs and it has brought to light the amazing stories of thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, technological innovations, businesses and many other constituents of the Entrepreneurs ecosystem.

Kalirajan Sakthi – Chief in Edit

Kalirajan AKA Kali_Slytherin Dj, Producer, Editor, Public relation agent, Aviation operation expert, Digital marketer, He have executed and developed various strategies across the various domains mentioned above. He understand the responsibility of the business requirements of any company or individual and implemented different key growth hacks.

The only focus is to help business and individuals by giving a fruitful advice and tip with Harvard Business review, also writing it up trendy.

Dhana Lakshmi – Editor Newsclimb

Dhana Lakshmi Editor Newsclimb completed her degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2019. Then she was in charge of Accounts and Administration in Global traders (Tuticorin). Inspired about writing and teaching at a young age, She started sharing her ideas and thoughts through various online medium. She was also helping Startups, Artists, and Individual to bring their talents to the spotlight..

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