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Aditi Veena aka Ditty is a Goa-based singer-songwriter signed with Pagal Haina records. An urban ecologist by day and a musician by night, her folk-tinged songs reflect an organic and earthly quality reflecting her firm belief in music as a tool for change.

Ditty is an Indian independent artist and urban ecologist whose music is inspired by the natural world. She started by playing music on the streets to reclaim public spaces as a woman Her debut album, Poetry Ceylon released in June 2019 and was called the debut album of the year by India Today


Picked up by several Spotify editorial playlists with over 400,000 listeners; Ditty secured a sync in a Netflix original and was selected as one of 30 emerging artists from all around the globe to be part of the Talent Exporter Program at Midem, Cannes, 2020. This summer, she was set to do her first European tour– which was postponed due to Covid19. Ditty is collaborating with german organisation Viva Con Agua, to write a water-themed record called Rain is Coming to raise funds for water conservation in Nepal, Malawi, Zimbabwe and India. With her tour, Make Forests Not War, she is working on a conscious model for touring for artists to offset carbon emissions. Ditty is actively planting forests in India

Ditty – Photo by Mohit kapil

“…Ditty doesn’t hold back when speaking about the bleakness of the current environmental condition. It holds a mirror to humanity and asks for answers and while the album’s mood is drenched in darkness (as it should be), its mellow, haunting tunes are designed to shake you awake.” Red Bull India, January 2020 

“… Ditty (aka Aditi Veena) has her feet firmly planted on Earth, and the Goa-based musician and urban ecologist taps into the synergy between these two fields while living in tune with this planet’s rhythm.” Verve India, Environment Issue, June 2019


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