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Alison Wonderland’s New Whyte Fang Single, “TIDES,” Is The Definition Of Short, But Sweet [LISTEN]

It’s been seven years since Alison Wonderland last released a solo original under her Whyte Fang alias, but she’s back today with “TIDES,” a brief but thundering 105-second instrumental.

Waiting this long, or paying attention to all the hype around a new Whyte Fang single and then going on Spotify and seeing “1:45” for the duration definitely felt like a bit of a letdown at first. But after listening to the single, and hearing no wasted space, it’s a bit refreshing, as well.

Objectively the Whyte Fang project has to be differentiated from her main Alison Wonderland project, so expecting more of the same with a different flavor isn’t the proper approach. Said another way, if you went in liking vanilla ice cream and expected French vanilla, but instead got Cajun shrimp, you might be taken aback. But we also like Cajun shrimp.

Check out “TIDES” from Whyte Fang below.


Photo via Marc Van der Aa for Insomniac Events

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