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Alix Perez & EPROM Release New Shades EP, “The Dance Of Death”

The alluring duo of Alix Perez and EPROM as Shades receives its 5th EP release, The Dance Of Death, today.

Four tracks paint the picture through the project, featuring a heavy concoction of innovative bass sounds. The EP opens with “The Corruption,” the project’s only single. Here listeners are introduced to the heavy atmosphere and haunting modulation of The Dance of Death. “The Creation” follows the same eerie soundscape narrative, allowing staticky, glitched out synths to ring in and out of reverberation. The backend of the track billows in volume, lending to a soundtrack like creation from the producers.

“Eternal Rain Descending” launches itself with a foreboding intro, which presents a chopped vocal loop through the madness of sound. This carries listeners to the first drop, and likewise an explosion of atomized sounds and samples. The EP wraps up with “The Last Judgement,” which enraptured listeners in a looped build before delivering a grunge, industrial drop to make for an ‘Instant Rewind” for listeners.

“The Dance Of Death is a continuation in our vision and sound as SHADES. Refining and pushing our experimentation in audio design.”

Listen to the full EP below.

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