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Angry Hippies Lose Complaint Case Against Land Rover

Depicting a car in its natural environment, or at least in its preferred environment, in commercials isn’t anything new. Subaru does it with its rugged, all-wheel drive lineup. Ford does it, showing its trucks hauling and towing, and Land Rover does it too. The Indian-owned British company recently got in hot water for an ad, but now it has been let off the hook.

TheGuardian reports that that the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, after receiving 96 complaints about the ad showing the Land Rover Defender in a pristine looking forest, have decided to let it run. The ad has text along with the picture reading, “Life is so much better without restrictions” and that the Defender has the “capacity to go almost anywhere and do anything. If you take one for an extended test drive, a whole new world of freedom awaits.”

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