At Girl Scouts, I Earned a Mug That Says, “I’m Thumbody!” Today It Reminds Me Why I’m In Sales.

My sales career was almost cut short by my parents.

Courtesy of Jamie Turner

I was 11, a member of the Girl Scouts, and preparing to sell my first Thin Mints. I had just participated in what I would later recognize as my first sales meeting, when our leader moms gave us our mission. “We get a lot of funds from our cookie sale so the troop can plan fun activities,” they said. Our goal was to sell at least 50 boxes each, which would make us eligible for the prizes. I did the math in my head. If I went to every house on my street and each neighbor bought at least one box, I would be halfway to my goal. Then I’d venture farther out, knocking on strangers’ doors and hoping to win them over.

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