Benefits of going backwards – The Week

Bending backwards energises the organs in the pelvis, the abdomen and the chest. It also helps the spinal muscles. It is more effective if done using a chair and a stability ball. The effect of bending can be enhanced with the support of a wall. It imparts a good stretch to the arms..


• Take a stability ball of 30cm diameter.

• Keep a chair one foot away from the wall

• Sit on the chair, with the back towards the wall

• Press the feet, and keep them parallel, separated by about six to 12 inches

• Sit upright at the edge of the seat with the stability ball in hand

• Keep the stability ball on the chair and pull it close to the back

• Hold the ball, raise the hips, pull the ball in and recline back on the ball

• Slowly bend the back

• Stretch both hands with palms on the wall

• Slide the palms down and straighten both arms

• Stay for about three to five minutes with slow abdominal breathing

• Take the arms up, hold the chair and slowly get up

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