Benjamin Tan Shares How To Get Financial Freedom That Works in 2021

Most people work for money, but rich people make money work for them. There are significant differences between how the rich think and act towards money compared to everyone else. The basic step towards building wealth is as basic as generating income.

Talking about how some people made money, and the discussion will necessarily point towards employment. But if one has assets and skills to sell in exchange for money, finding a job will not be an option.

Benjamin Tan was a top real estate agent in Singapore for 3 years. He also had a brick & mortar business, Escape Hunt Singapore. But this never gave him the freedom that he wanted. Later in 2016, his wife suffered a miscarriage which led them to spend less time in his business. In early 2017, Benjamin decided to put his business online where he started selling at Amazon.

How to find your time freedom

Through learning from the finest people in the industry, Benjamin’s first full year sold over USD $1M on the Amazon platform. Since then, it has grown and sold multiple millions more.

Now he wants to share this with as many like-minded people as possible. With the lack of guidance and mentor, most Amazon sellers fail along the way. Trying to learn it by themselves using free resources eventually ends up making a lot of mistakes and time wasted.

With this concern, Benjamin Tan started the AMZ Family who is aiming to be the #1 resource for new Amazon sellers who wish to get started the right way. Their community focuses not just on teaching strategies but also on timeless principles and how to excel in all areas of life.

Work smart and not hard

Robert Kiyosaki had taught him the concept of the 4 quadrants of Cash Flow. Since childhood, Benjamin Tan has always wanted to be in the B, I quadrant. As an explicit result of applying the things he learned from the book, today, Benjamin Tan owns multiple businesses and investments.

A humble authority in the Amazon space, yet a down-to-earth family guy who doesn’t believe in the hustle-porn that some people put out (i.e. Gary V). It’s about working SMARTER, not just working HARDER.

FIGO,  Forget it and go on

“The cost of making mistakes is never greater than the cost of education.” says Benjamin Tan.

The successful magnate Elon Musk inspired Benjamin Tan when he never takes no for an answer and in times everyone tells him that it can’t be done, he ignores it and does it anyway.

Being a university dropout in his first year, he didn’t see how getting a degree would lead him to where he is now. With no backup plan, only the huge leap of faith worked out until the end. Same with when his wife suffered a miscarriage due to working so hard, it took him a step back and tried to assess his priorities which made him realize not to trade time for money.

Don’t be the RED DOT

Benjamin Tan’s ideas taught us to balance our work and life, being resourceful, business street smart, human optimized, with the help of AMZ Family. The point he wants to share with aspiring entrepreneurs is to cut out excess/unnecessary activities in life and keep things simple to prevent ‘decision fatigue’.

Focusing on the 80/20 rule. Work in blocks by going into a deep state of 1-2 hours, no distraction, no Facebook, WhatsApp, and social media. Outsource and delegate by valuing your time, do only what you can do, and outsource/delegate the rest.

Lastly, don’t be the red dot for business that cannot be built around you. You can find talents to work alongside you and work on the business, not in the business.

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