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Bentley Celebrates 70 Years Of Design

Until the 1950s, high-end automotive manufacturers sold customers a rolling chassis, while a separate company was responsible for the body. Unibody construction killed coachbuilding, though Bentley is doing its best to keep it alive.

Bentley was one of the first manufacturers to have an in-house design department, and this year it’s celebrating 70 years of existence. The design department was started in 1951 under the leadership of John Blatchley. Bentley poached him from Gurney-Nutting, one of the most famous coachbuilders of the time. It was also responsible for the “Blue Train” Bentley.

“Leading the next evolution of Bentley’s design DNA is a true honor, especially after so many decades of exquisite design in our studio in Crewe. There are iconic Bentleys that were created here – beautiful cars that have stood the test of time and which inspire our styling cues to this day,” said Bentley’s current director of design, Andreas Mindt.

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