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Bentley Flying Spur Crosses Entire Country On Renewable Fuel

The 536-horsepower Flying Spur Hybrid – which used a 2.9-liter V6 and an electric motor – completed the journey using only second generation biofuel and geothermally-sourced electricity, and covered the entire 455 mile journey on a single fill up. The Azure Purple Flying Spur Hybrid used fuel that conforms to the same EN228 standard as ordinary pump gasoline but is made completely of biomass (mostly straw) that doesn’t take away from the natural ecosystem. With the intelligent electrified powertrain on board, the Flying Spur Hybrid offers a 45 percent in CO2 emissions

“It was great to see the car make the 733 km journey across the country on renewable electricity and green renewable fuel. Driving through the countryside with waterfalls on your left, and volcanos to the right you can visually see where the energy is generated directly, from nature. I think this is the best definition of sustainable energy. Iceland wants to be part of the environmental solution and help others use the knowledge and renewable sources we have here.”

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