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Blinders Drops Wild New Single “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)” and Accompanying Music Video

Blinders, one of STMPD Rcrds favorite artists, is back with a hot new track, “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good).” The Polish DJ/Producer continues to make catchy and innovative new tunes that work in either the club or festival setting. “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)” is no exception with it’s underground vocal sample, warehouse ready synth work, and an unbelievable drop that will have you dancing the night away.

Not content with just producing a banger of a song, Blinders also animated the accompanying music video. The video features an animated female protagonist running to escape. What exactly, we don’t know. There are some terrifying white faces with red lights for eyes that haunt the protagonist as she makes her escape. During the second run through, our heroine’s escape gets even more harrowing with more obstacles and the odds stacked against her. It’s definitely a worthwhile listen and watch.

Check out the latest from Blinders, “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)” out now on STMPD.

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