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BMW Designs New Gear Selector That Does Everything

Then again, the conventional procedure BMW describes only takes a second or two, so we’re not sure why a single controller is required at all. BMW says its controller can retract so that it sits flush with the console when in the park state, and extends out again when in the drive state. It can also be rotated. A small touchscreen on the controller itself can also display the specific state the car is in.

These features may be cool party tricks, but they sound counterintuitive to the patent’s greater goal of simplifying the start/setting off and stop/switching off tasks. BMW mentions that the new technology could be used for both hybrids or EVs, but even the dramatic XM plug-in hybrid still has a conventional shift lever. Perhaps we’ll see the all-in-one BMW controller in a future BMW i model, but no matter how futuristic it may look, we hope it isn’t a step forward for style and two steps back for functionality.

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