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BMW Has Made A Big Decision About Its Even Bigger Grilles

As we touched on, future relevance is critical, so radical designs will continue to be the staple. The BMW iX SUV started being sketched almost six years ago and still hasn’t touched down at showrooms, so a bold approach is certainly necessary. This is especially true when you consider that these new cars will have to look fresh for a good four to six years, depending on the rate of refresh cycles.

“We are now working on cars for 2025 and beyond,” says van Hooydonk. “[…] With BMW i, we started a cleaner form language for the electric cars, and now that electric is going to be part of the core of the brand, of course, you’ll see that the design of the i products will begin to influence the core of the brand.”

In a nutshell, the big grilles aren’t going anywhere, but neither are the small ones. New cars will look vastly different with every generation too, and EVs will influence the design of all cars – without any retro influence.

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