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BMW M Cars Get New Logo To Celebrate 50th Anniversary

The logo roundel that will be used features the typical blue, white and black roundel, but surrounded by shifted semicircles in the official BMW M colors of blue, violet, and red. The logo dates back to 1973 when it was used on BMW Motorsport GmbH’s first race car. Those colors were used again in 1978 on the BMW M1 when it debuted, albeit in the form of slanted stripes, and the colors have since become synonymous with the M brand.

While the origins of the iconic livery had much to do with an attempt at attaining sponsorship, the colors have come to represent a few things. Blue represents BMW, red represents motorsport, and violet – which has since evolved into a darker blue – showcased the connection between the two.

BMW Motorsport was officially changed in 1993 to BMW M GmbH as we know it, but high power, enhanced dynamics, and track-biased performance have remained hallmarks of the M brand.

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