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capshun Launches FUXWITHIT Label with Transformational New Single, “Morph” [LISTEN]

capshun just dropped a powerful new production, “Morph,” serving as the inaugural release from FUXWITHIT the label.

“Morph” delivers an evocative, emotive introduction, with beauty and aggression intertwined. The expert producer known as capshun has mastered the art of carving out unique experiences through sound and this trap-infused wonder-production really has it all.

capshun shares in his own words:

“Morph” signifies how I am constantly changing and reworking who I am creatively. I am sure it’s needless to say but I love making a lot of different music. So to create something that is still me but even more than who I have been musically, kind of feels like I am morphing and transforming my creative spirit. I want everyone to feel all the different emotions on this one. The sadness, the joy, the HYPE, the anger and put it into perspective of the song.

Amplifying their “Champions of the Underground” mentality, this first release from FUXWITHIT sets the bar for what’s to come.

Listen and link up below!

capshun – Morph

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Connect with FUXWITHIT

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