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Cardi B Whipshots Vodka Spiked Whipped Cream Miami Art Week Launch

Cardi B has entered the world of celebrity-branded booze with the introduction of Whipshots, a boozy, vodka-spiked nondairy whipped cream.

The rapper and songwriter celebrated her entrepreneurial debut in the spirits space with a launch party this past weekend during Miami Art Week. The event took place at a celebrity-studded party at Pharrell Williams and David Grutman’s Goodtime Hotel, which opened earlier this year. Guests included her husband Offset, Mary J. Blige, Timbaland, Winston Duke, and Dale Moss. Cardi B was on hand to pour whipped cream directly into the mouths of guests.

“I chose Whipshots because it fits more of my style — I am not a hardcore liquor drinker,” the singer tells New Times. “I like things that are sexy and tasty. I was one time planning to partner to create a margarita brand, but it’s just not me. Whipshots is more fun.”

In partnership with Starco Brands, Cardi B has lent her sense of playfulness, style, and entrepreneurial prowess to the creative direction of Whipshots. The vodka-infused whipped “cream” comes in three flavors; mocha, caramel, and vanilla, all of which contain an eyebrow-raising 10 percent ABV. Cans are available in three sizes, price at $6 and up.

click to enlarge The dessert table at last weekend's Whipshots launch party - PHOTO BY ARTURO HOLMES/GETTY IMAGES FOR WHIPSHOTS

The dessert table at last weekend’s Whipshots launch party

Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Whipshots

Every day during the month of December, fans have the chance to purchase their own Whipshots with Whip Drop, a release program that drops 500 cans each day via, powered by the Spirits Network.

“I kinda knew it, but selling out that fast made me feel more secure about the product. Because not a lot of people have tasted it yet, so I like to show my partners that it still is worth it,” says Cardi B.

“This product is a complete innovation in spirits, it is changing the game, but it’s also a big innovation in celebration. When we think about brand partnerships and culture, you really want to try to find somebody that’s a true match in the sense that whoever that is, they don’t have to try, and Cardi B was perfect for this,” says Ross Sklar, founder and CEO of Starco Group, a California-based company that specializes in chemical technologies.

“I want to have conversations that people are afraid to have, and I want to highlight beautiful women.” —Cardi B

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Sklar and Cardi B worked to develop the three starter flavors with plans to release additional flavors next year. “To be able to drop the product direct as a spirit brand is super-innovative and has rarely been done. Cardi B is a delight to work with. It’s authentic because she’s a ton of fun and transparent,” Sklar says.

Cardi B’s future is looking bright. Besides launching Whipshots, she was recently named Playboy‘s first-ever creative director in residence. “I am excited, but now that everyone is so excited for me, I am getting a bit overwhelmed because I feel like that’s a lot of pressure, but I can do it,” she says. “I really want sex appeal, I love that, and I’m a wild girl, and that’s what I want to contribute to the brand. I want to have conversations that people are afraid to have, and I want to highlight beautiful women.”

click to enlarge Cardi B enjoys Whipshots with models. - PHOTO BY JORA FRANTZIS VIA STARCO BRANDS

Cardi B enjoys Whipshots with models.

Photo by Jora Frantzis via Starco Brands

Cardi B also talked about her upcoming hair-care line, after a recent photo she posted of her natural hair went viral online. “I’ve been taking my time with this because I do my own hair mask naturally. I need someone that will make a very good preservative for the hair mask. Also, I just don’t want to put out any product and just put my name on it, because I really take hair seriously,” she shares

It seems 2022 has plenty in store for Cardi B as her growth as an entrepreneur continues.

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