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Kali_Slytherin setting milestone in Indian EDM Industry – “Absurd” new track

Once EDM music was called in india as A rootless, dehumanised, micro-capitalist genre but now things changed, now a days every music festivals in the country filled with tens and thousands of people, people need escape, they understand the genre very well, they very much know how to react to the music.  during last year […]

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Arguably Mumbai’s best of the best hair salon “Nalini Yasmin” from 1978 #legends

Instagram: @nalininyasmin Arguably it is one of Mumbai’s oldest hair salons. Since many years, Nalini has volunteered at Ficci Flo Mumbai, Salaam Bombay and Aseema Trust. She has trained countless girls and women and is grateful to Ficci Flo Mumbai for supporting her program called NALINI GIVES BACK. Additionally, she helps these girls or anyone […]

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Sanjeev Vinodh – Magician, Student, Instructor, and Researcher

close-up magic for startups, Fortune50 companies, and national TV. Sanjeev Vinodh Sanjeev is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Outside of school, he is a professional close-up magician, avid dancer, and public speaking coach (*nostalgic ex-competitor). Although his interests emerged individually, He found so many connections between them, through teaching a […]

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Seema Singh – The most influential Social entrepreneur, Meghaश्रेय NGO Founder

Ms Seems singh Instagram Ms. Seema ingh is a prominent social Entrepreneur from Mumbai. and She is the founder of NGO ‘MaghaShery‘ NGO MeghaShrey’s Seema Singh Owns A Heart Of Gold, Say Her Admirers, When Mumbai-based philanthropist Seema Singh launched her social avatar 15 years ago, she didn’t know that one day she would be […]

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Ashu Suyash CEO CRISIL Tomorrow belongs to Finance

CRISIL is a leading, agile and innovative global analytics company driven by its mission of making markets function better. We are India’s foremost provider of ratings, data, research, analytics, and solutions. A strong track record of growth, culture of innovation and global footprint sets us apart. We have delivered independent opinions, actionable insights, and efficient […]