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Celemony Melodyne 5 Black Friday Sale 2021

Audio Editing AU/VST Plugin

Melodyne is a Grammy-award-winning standalone program for audio-editing. Drag any audio file into Melodyne and it will display the audio information note by note. The tonality, tempo, timing, scales, and pitch all are visible and can be modified easily. Celemony added a lot of great features for you to manipulate the formants, pitch, volume, vibrato, length, timing, etc. of every single note. By using the included tools and macros, you can edit every single detail of the sample. Its large visual screen will display multitrack, melodies, harmonies, grooves, and rhythms. There’s no need to add an extra autotune tool to your vocals or to quantize your drums within your DAW, as everything can be done within this standalone plugin. This advanced audio-editing tool will grant you access to every little detail of your recordings.


Black Friday Deal:  Melodyne 5 Essential is currently available for 50% off as part of Celemony’s Black Friday Sale. 

Price: $49.00 (discounted from $99.00)


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