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Celestial-Themed Luxury Watches : SBGZ007 Spring Drive

Luxury Japanese watchmaker Grand Seiko will celebrate its 140th anniversary by releasing the SBGZ007 Spring Drive, a new addition to the company’s Masterpiece Collection. The watch’s design takes inspiration from the night sky; in particular, the stars and constellations visible from Achi, a small mountain village located in the Shinshu region of Japan.

Subtle yet ornate, the watch’s face is deep blue and star-speckled, framed by an engraved Platinum 950 casing. The hour markers on the inside are made from 14k white gold and the dial was manufactured using a highly technical finishing technique that works to alter its appearance according to different viewing angles.

Grand Seiko will only be producing 50 of the SBGZ007 Spring Drives making it a highly exclusive, summer timepiece.

Image Credit: Grand Seiko

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