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CJI Ramana exposes a major fallout of rushing legislation without debate

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana’s grouse over bills hurriedly passed in Parliament and assemblies without debate and discussion merits the considered attention of lawmakers. CJI Ramana noted that these legislations are invariably half-baked and lead to pronounced litigation. While he made an argument for more lawyers to join politics, the moot point is that Parliament and assemblies are increasingly failing to do the job entrusted to them.

Endless litigation stemming from poorly framed legislation overburdens the already backlogged judiciary. The recent monsoon session where bills were passed without discussion owing to the opposition disruption and government’s hesitation to take up for discussion those issues the opposition flagged is hard to forget.

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The 102nd Constitution Amendment Act giving the NCBC constitutional status and the rectifications required that necessitated the 127th Constitution Amendment following a Supreme Court ruling taking away states powers to decide backwardness could have been avoided with constructive debate. The CJI recalled that in the initial decades of Independence, each clause of a bill used to be dissected threadbare during Parliament discussions. Lawmakers must strive to improve the quality of legislations. Their failure on this count slows down the country, its institutions, and individual enterprise.



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