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Deepika Mhatre – Zero to Hero standup-comedian

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Deepika Mhatre  43-year-old working for five homes she cooks in. Her entire day is spent cooking for families, and she gets free only at 4:00 p.m. cooking for five homes and travelling, Deepika finds humors—the kind that she shares when she takes the stage at stand-up comedy shows. Deepika family consist of three daughters… and one husband and she crack up at the jibe.

“I have seen stand up comedians often sharing stories about their maids, but now, I will speak.”

Deepika performing in show

Q1.  how did she change her career path from a domestic help to a stand-up comedian?

The truth is, this isn’t a career change at all! Deepika still works as a cook (although that has reduced to a significant degree because of her health issues) The only difference is that now, sometimes she gets a gig for which she heads right after finishing her chores in the five homes. “This all started when Mrs. Sangeeta Das (one of the house Deepika works) arranged a talent show for us “bai log.” No one usually does that, right? But she gave us a platform to showcase our talents—just as a fun activity. That’s where I decided to take my jokes to the stage.”

“I had never performed on a big stage before. So Aditi took me to shows where she performed and mentored me. Gradually, we shot an episode of ‘Bad Girl’ together.”


Q2. Two-day jobs to take care of?

“The gigs are usually in late evenings or nights. I return home after 12-12:30 at night,” The next morning, I wakes up at 4:00 a.m as usual.

Her show performance review, “There are people like Sangeeta, who always do good things for us. But on the other hand, I worked at some places where I am always a servant—an inferior. They tell me not to sit on chairs, only on floors, and to drink water or tea from separate glasses. I speak about all of it—good and bad.”

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