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Image used for representational purpose only
Image used for representational purpose only

The hoteliers in Delhi who were requisitioned by the government at the peak of the second wave to serve as ‘Extended Covid Hospitals’ to augment the hospital bed capacity in the national capital, are a worried lot as the government is yet to officially release them despite improvements in the covid situation.

Around 30 hotels and banquet halls in the national capital have been attached by the NCT government in mid-April to operate as extensions of Covid hospitals. These extension centres collectively added up 2000 additional beds to the Covid care inventory in the city.

The seven day average in the city as per the latest statistics is just over 300 cases showing a pretty normal situation in the city as far as new infections are concerned.

“Our hotel had no patients for the last three weeks. Our systems are all running without any occupancy. There has been no communication from the district authorities for the last 10 days. They should ideally delink the hotel so as to help us ready the property for normal operations,” said a senior functionary of a South Delhi hotel.

The Hotel & Restaurant Association of Northern India (HRANI) has written numerous letters to the Chief Minister seeking a decision to delink the hotels. “Hotels are vacant and there is no occupancy as Covid cases have declined in the city. We wanted the CM to intervene to release hotels of Delhi which were used as Extension of hospitals so that they can re-open and start normal operations with immediate effect,” said Renu Thapliyal, Secretary General, HRANI.

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