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Delhi Police Warn Against Dangers of Texting While Driving With This Video

Delhi Police has shared a short clip illustrating the dangers of texting while driving. The video, posted on Twitter, is a compilation of shorter clips that show people walking while using their phones. Due to their fixation on their devices and lack of awareness of their surroundings, people either run into each other, fall into the water, fall downstairs or even hit their heads against walls and poles. The department concentrated on conveying a key message regarding using a phone while driving in the post. The disturbing final scene of the video shows a woman driving while distracted by her phone and getting into a tragic collision.

The video demonstrates how texting makes it impossible for someone to simply walk, let alone drive an automobile. The horrifying footage of a woman getting into an accident while using her smartphone marks the end of the clip. The text that has been added to the video asks, “’Why use your phone while driving if you can’t use it safely when walking?”

The video montage was posted with a Hindi caption that translates to, Looking somewhere, aiming somewhere can be dangerous. While driving, keep the focus only on the road, not on the mobile.”

Over 17k people have watched the video that was posted on November 7, and it has received numerous comments. The disturbing post startled online users. Many people argued that the penalty for using a smartphone while driving ought to be raised. Others stated that when driving a car, one should be mindful of their own safety.

“Great effort to spread awareness,” one user commented. Another user wrote,” Great effort to spread awareness.” A third user commented, “Texting and driving is a disease with many drivers. I have seen drivers doing video calls and getting horribly disoriented. They’re a hazard. Make the fines bigger to deter such idiots.”

According to Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, using a phone while driving is punishable. The act can invite a fine of Rs 1000 for first-time offenders.

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