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She earned a specialization in psychology and was granted a Doctorate by renowned International University, by all the age of 27!

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Contemporary Master

Mixing ancient wisdom, esoteric practices and scientific techniques, Master Karishma Shetty has paved a legacy all of her own accord. The way in which she has turned personal, life-changing tragedies into building blocks, is a tribute to her sheer resilience and determination

Spiritual mentor Dr. Karishma Shetty who has given me a secret key to eternal happiness-happiness which will last forever. What is Psychic Temples? its the only space where you can find genuine happiness. I can say so as i found mine with the help of Dr. Karishma Shetty.

Dr. Karishma shetty

In February 2020, she won the award for being an “Iconic Celebrity Spiritual Coach” at the reputed Midday Awards. She’s known for helping people attain certified bliss! profound mentor, healer, and the founder of Alohappiness, an organization that tutors as well as offers consultations that are parapsychological, related to healings, mediums amongst other things.

To listen to her motivational speeches and be part of her consultation session is immersed in her myriad influences from a mystic to an influencer with an uncompromising vision.

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