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Electric Kia GT Concept Looks Like A Bugatti Beater

This concept was completed by a designer named Serkan Budur as part of an internship he completed at Kia Motors Europe. He has previously shown off a magnificent Bugatti concept, and this Kia is nearly as arresting. The sleek, elegant coupe is quite unlike anything that the Korean automaker currently sells. Budur’s concept looks like a posh GT. In front, there are incredibly long, slim headlights – these remind us of the Bugatti Centodieci’s slit-like headlights. The Kia has no traditional grille, but of course, there’s no need for one in an electric car. Like many concept cars, there are huge wheels that completely fill the arches. There are no obvious door handles to detract from the sleek lines, and there’s a classic coupe roofline that gracefully flows to the rear.

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