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Electric Mercedes Models Will Eventually Get Names We Know And Love

When speaking with Mercedes chairman Ola Kaelenius later in the trip, he expressed that the “sedan” and “SUV” designations were meant to simplify the lineup, not complicate it. He joked that “EQGLS” seemed overly long, and explained that some models (like EQS) will receive the SUV tag, while others (like EQB) don’t require it because their gas-powered counterparts don’t have a sedan equivalent. See what we meant by complex?

Despite this initial confusion, our earlier conversation with Glaser left us feeling satisfied with the situation. Mercedes spent the last century-plus creating world-class gasoline-powered vehicles. The German automaker must now essentially start from scratch, convincing buyers to go electric while shunning industry pioneers like Tesla. The EQ brand feels like a means to an end, drumming up excitement for new electric Mercedes models with semi-familiar nomenclature before fully integrating them into the existing model structure. We wouldn’t be shocked if other legacy automakers followed suit.

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