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Elements Festival Attendees Sound Off on Social Media, Comparing Event to Fyre Festival

Elements Music & Arts Festival is making headlines after inclement weather and various other issues challenged the experience, which some are calling a “logistical nightmare,” “disorganized,” and “unsafe” –comparable to Fyre Festival.

In its fourth year, the “rain or shine” event was set to take place over September 3 – 6 in the secluded area of Lakewood, Pennsylvania. However, storms caused by Hurricane Ida reportedly held up transportation methods and wait times into the campgrounds ran up to 16 hours.

A local source says Elements festival oversold tickets, resulting in an increase in attendance that was not properly planned for. Festive Owl also notes there were several “major issues” that stretched beyond the weather.

Campgrounds were overflowing, cars were stuck in the mud — and at one point, reportedly, no food or water was available on site. More accounts are detailed here via Elements Shit Show 2021, a public group on Facebook with 3.8K members.

According to buzz on social media, disgruntled attendees are planning a lawsuit against Elements Festival.

On the flip side, other festival goers say Elements’ production was on point and fun was had by many despite the festival’s downfalls. While coming and going from the event proved to be difficult, the music and people made for a memorable experience.

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Source: WNEP | Photo via Elements Music & Arts Festival 

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