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Etihad Airways is selling tickets for a ‘sustainable flight’ from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi on October 23.

Flight EY20 aims to celebrate the anniversary of the Etihad Greenliner Programme, a partnership founded in 2019 with Boeing which involves testing green technologies on the carrier’s B787 fleet to find sustainable aviation solutions.

Since its inception, the two companies have collaborated on inflight product, airspace management, flight deck tools, and sustainable fuel.

The sustainable flight will “bring together the best of the past two years in a single flight”. It will be operated by Etihad’s Greenliner aircraft and feature a livery designed to recognise the programme and its call to action for the aviation industry.

The flight is expected to emit 72 per cent less CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) in total, and 56 per cent less CO2e per unit of payload than the equivalent flight operated in 2019. Several measures will be carried out before, during and after the flight to ensure that it is sustainable.

Prior to the flight, effects from contrails will be considered alongside other factors that directly contribute to fuel burn such as wind speed, temperature, air pressure and cloud cover. Passengers will also receive incentives for flying without check-in bags or with lightweight luggage.

The aircraft will consume a 38 per cent blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and, when landing at Abu Dhabi International airport, will taxi to the stand using only a single engine to again reduce fuel burn. Once at the gate, the carrier’s fleet of electric vehicles will also be used for ground logistics such as baggage unloading.

On board, inflight dining will feature locally-sourced produce, including vegan options, and will not feature products such as beef and palm oil. Passengers will also receive lightweight stainless-steel cutlery from Sola Cutlery, and personal water bottles to minimise single-use paper cups and waste during the flight.

Etihad will also plant a tree in Abu Dhabi’s mangrove plantations for each guest on board to contribute to the offsetting of future flying.

The flight is on sale at and, at the time of writing, costs £741.77 for an economy ticket.

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