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Exclusive: Bigg Boss fame Sofia Hayat hospitalised once again after collapsing; shares her ‘near death experience’

Sofia Hayat, who was once previously hospitalised after her body salts fell dangerously low, got admitted once again. This time, she collapsed and shared it might be due to extensive work out.

The former actress and currently a spiritual healer, told ETimes TV, “I was admitted to Chelsea and Westminster hospital in an emergency. I collapsed. I am still not in the best of myself. They ran a few tests. Next week I am seeing a specialist for a possible hernia. It can be possible because I did chin stand yoga and I popped something in the upper chest area. It might be due to too much exercise.”


She further added, “So I am not doing anything at the moment. I am being very careful as not to over exert myself. I think too much exercise is bad for you from your 20s to 40s. No matter what social media tells us. We need to be gentle with ourselves. When I collapsed and was hospitalised I felt like I was having an organ failure. There was a wonderful nurse assistant, who helped me open my eyes.”

A spiritual healer, Sofia spoke about forgiving people from her life and shared it will help her heal. She said, “I realised I need to forgive a few people. I need to forgive Armaan Kohli. I already forgave him and want to continue it. I hold no grudges against him. I also forgive my ex-husband and everybody who hurt me. I don’t want them in my life. Forgiveness is very important after going through this near-death experience.”

For the unversed, Sofia and Armaan had turned enemies after the latter hit her during their stint in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ season 7.

Currently, Sofia is recovering.

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