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Exclusive! We were both wearing seat belts, says Vaibhavi’s fiancé Jay Gandhi

Actress Vaibhavi Upadhyaya, who died in a car accident on Tuesday, was engaged to Jay Gandhi, a businessman. The two were on a road trip in Himachal Pradesh when their car met with an accident. Jay survived with a few injuries, but he is shaken up and is yet to come to terms with the tragedy. In a brief conversation, he said, “There is a notion that you speed on road trips, but that was not the case. Our car was standing still and waiting for the truck to pass. I am not in a state to talk much, but I wanted to ensure that people don’t assume that we were not wearing seat belts or were speeding.”


(Vaibhavi’s brother Ankit Upadhyaya)
We spoke to Vaibhavi’s brother Ankit Upadhyaya, too, who shared, “Vaibhavi and Jay were very fond of road trips and mountains. They had planned a trip from Mumbai to Kullu and they started on May 15 from here. They met with an accident in Banjar.”
Talking about the accident, he said, “It was a narrow lane and there were heavy vehicles going up and down. They saw a huge dumper truck coming and stopped their car, waiting for it to pass. The truck took a turn, but the rear end hit the car, which slipped into the valley. Due to the impact, Vaibhavi was thrown out of the car. By the time the locals took Vaibhavi to the hospital, it was too late.”
Vaibhavi was wearing a seat belt during the accident, said Ankit. “She was always cautious and would never sit in a car without a seat belt. So, on a road trip, she would be extra cautious. The doctors also confirmed how there were seat belt marks around her neck. It is sad that we were thinking of planning her marriage, but now she is gone.”

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