Five Biggest Factors When Choosing a Google Ads Specialist

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Google is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing ― over 259 million unique visitors and 4.8 billion daily interactions prove that.

Formerly known as “AdWords,” Google Ads is a paid advertising service that includes channels like Search, Display, YouTube, and Shopping.

“Pay-per-click advertising” is a kind of advertising in which an advertiser pays for his/her ads only when a user clicks on the ad. So Google Ads are offered as a means to pay per click, which means an advertiser has to be willing to lock in a maximum bid so they can then pay based on how many people clicked.

Since this is the case, not setting up your campaign correctly could mean running into a variety of issues: wasted clicks, poor targeting, and no conversions from your spend. That’s why it pays to hire an expert Google Ads agency. An agency has the experience and insights to successfully spend your hard earned money to garner you more customers.

Here are the top five questions you should be asking candidate agencies:

1 – Are They Google Ads Certified?

A certification from Google Ads is a good indication of how seriously they take the trade. If the candidates have gone through the trouble of getting certified, then they’re also likely to commit themselves professionally and personally and work hard to help you grow your company’s success.

Getting Google Certification is a pretty important step. We also have the advanced Search Exam, which you need to pass if you want to become a Google Partner. To get that status, you need the fundamental exam and at least $10,000 in Google Ad Spending.

They should also have 12 months of relevant experience and decent performance for the accounts they’re managing

2 – Who Are Their Past Clients?

 Check out their portfolio to see what they have done before and how experienced they are. To find out more, go online and look at either the portfolio sections on their websites or other reviews that provide details of past clients.

You might also want to ask them for a list of other companies/organizations that you can speak with directly themselves to ask about any past experience.

3 – What Are Their Charges?

How much to charge for your Google Ads varies from agency to agency. There are a lot of options to choose from:

  • A percentage of your Ads Spend.
  • A fixed monthly fee, no matter how much work it takes to achieve the desired results.
  • A flat monthly rate (like $500) for any account that is not too difficult and then more if the account is more complicated or the spend is higher.

4 – Do They Give a Campaign Plan or Strategy?

Will you receive a Google ads strategy and campaign plan once marketing activity is turned on? It’s important to be organized. Launching a marketing campaign can be fun, but it’s also good to take care of the basics that will set up the correct expectations for future success. Good agencies should know this! Ask them what their strategies are for growing and developing your campaign and driving conversions.

5 – How Do They Measure the Performance of Google Ads Campaigns?

It is important to know what the objectives and metrics are to determine the success of your Google Ads campaign. Otherwise, how will you know how it’s going? So here are some questions to ask:

  • Do they use tracking? If so, how will they be implementing it?
  • If they recommend using different metrics to measure your website’s success, take a look at their list of recommendations here and assess. Do they line up with yours?
  • Will they spend time researching your company or organization to determine what is and isn’t useful to track?

And there you have it! These are the five most important questions to ask any Google Ads agency that you may be speaking with.

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