Five Exclusive Things to Know About Wooden Flooring

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Are you planning to install wooden flooring in your house? It can enhance the beauty of your house and give it a rich appearance. However, you should know a few exclusive things before going ahead with wood flooring installation. Here we have discussed five of those aspects:

1. Type

You need to decide what type of wood flooring you want, as it can be solid wood or engineered wood. Solid wood is processed from wooden logs and is joined using a conventional tongue. It has a long duration because it can be sanded repeatedly.

Engineered wood flooring comprises various layers, with the top layer made of solid wood. The base can be made from three layer softwood or multilayer plywood. This kind of wood flooring is easy to install due to its click-lock system.

Solid wood flooring is recommended in places with low moisture as it contracts and expands according to humidity. However, engineered wood flooring does not expand or contract even under extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it can be used in areas with high humidity levels.

2. Finish

The finish of your wooden flooring is the key factor influencing its appearance. Some popular wood finishes include hand-scrapped, distressed, and wire-brush. However, wood flooring with clear gloss will look completely different from these finishes.

3. Specificity

Wood flooring has a wide range of varieties, from soft and sturdy to dense and hard. Some of the most recognized species of wood include Teak, Kayu Kuku, African mahogany, Walnut, and Oak. Each species will have different properties and needs to be taken care of as instructed. Even though wood flooring can be revamped, you need to remember that it is susceptible to damage.

4. Color and Grain

You will come across quite a few color options when choosing wood flooring for your house. You will also have to decide if you want the wood flooring to have a grainy appearance. If you are looking for a vintage style interior, wide plank floors will look good.

When it has a distressed appearance and finely defined wood grains, your floor will look even better. Wood floors in walnuts or oaks are popular choices for conventional interior spaces. Any kind of wood can be used in a contemporary interior setting.

5. Installation and Charges

The cost of wood flooring will depend on the type, species, and finish of the wood. Installation charges are usually not more than a part of the cost of your wood flooring. However, it will vary depending on what type of wooden flooring you are installing.

Solid wooden floors need to be installed by nailing, gluing, or stapling the solid wood planks to the subfloor. Engineered wood floors, however, use the click locks to float on the subfloor. The clicks locks are found on the edges of the wood.

Ending Note

When you know these things, installing wood flooring in your house will become less complicated. You should go to an experienced flooring company to get the best services. It is prudent to compare the prices and find the best deal for wood flooring installation.

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