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MACRA legislation provided for five years of technical support for small, underserved, and rural practices. This is for practices with 15 or fewer clincians. This provision paid Qsource to support practices in Tennessee and Alabama. The five year benefit ends Feb. 15, 2021.

This means the free support Qsource has been providing through CMS is ending. Starting Febr. 16, please contact CMS for support. You can reach them at 866-288-8292 or

Click on Start Reporting then you will choose to either report as a group or an individual. If you have multiple clinicians you may want to report as a group. If there is only one clinician you will most likely choose to report as an individual. If you report as a group all clinicians we will receive the payment adjustment whether it be an increase, decrease, or neutral. If you have further questions about the differences in reporting as an individual or group please contact us.

EHR Reporting

If you are submitting data via your Electronic Health Record you will export a file from your EHR to be uploaded into the QPP portal. If this is the case once you click on Start Reporting there is a button to Upload a File. To report via your EHR simply click the button and upload the file. The file may contain one or all of the data needed. You will want to check your preliminary scores to be sure everything uploaded correctly.

Manual Reporting

If you have reported your Quality via claims, through a registry, or had an upload file for that category only you will create a manual data submission entry for one or both of the other two categories which require data submission.

After clicking on Start Reporting scroll down to the boxes that least each category. For the category you are reporting click on Create Manual entry then enter your data.


Registry Reporting

Each registry will have their own deadlines for submission as well as processes. Be sure to check the deadline dates and information on how to submit data through the registry.

This is a brief overview of data submission for 2021. There may be differences based on your specific situation.

At the end of this document there are links to tutorials for an overview and submitting data for each category. You should have all you need for data submission at this point. If you do have any issues or need assistance please reach out to us at

MIPS Data Submission Tutorials

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