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GMC Hummer Traffic Explodes After Biden Visits Plant

This is the fastest program GM has ever completed, from inception to delivery. And though we’d expect dealers to be a little skittish about updating their showroom and staff to get ready for the EV invasion, they’re getting on board.

“It kinda happened out of the blue. To come into a project like the Hummer EV, there’s been a lot to learn as far as our dealers go,” said Aldred. “There’s been an investment, that is variable depending on what kind of power source the dealer has. So, we made it an elective distribution, so dealers can join or not. About 2/3 have signed up, most of which did so initially.”

“I don’t think there’s ever reluctance, because with a product like the GMC Hummer EV, the world’s first supertruck, this is a once in a career, once in a generation time. So to be part of this is an exceptional opportuning the dealers have grabbed with both hands.”

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