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Happy friendship day to Everybody out there

Google says friendship/ˈfrɛn(d)ʃɪp/


  1. the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
  2. a state of mutual trust and support


Grew up watching FRIENDS, it was first aired in the 90s and the show created lightning in a bottle with each actor they cast for their iconic roles. if anybody says friends or when we talk about friends my mind hit this TV show. It was the first of its kind. Some may argue that it was similar to Seinfeld but those who have actually watched Friends know that that isn’t true. This show is purely about how your support your friends and it is all about 6 friends living in Manhattan.

When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month Or even your year, but I’ll be there for you

I’ll Be There for You Friends tittle song

Lets talk about our friends in Reality

In todays world we all have 1000s of friends on Facebook, Instagram and all other social media platform. But how many of them can we actually call our friends ? Not many I believe.  The point is you don’t need 100s of friends to be happy, all you need is a bunch of people who understand you and stick by you no matter what!

1. A good friends can handle conflict respectfully and respect boundaries

2. Good friends are loyal and accept you for who you are during the good and bad times.

3. Good friends They love you for yourself

4. Good friends They forgive you even without an apology

5. Good friends They give more than they take

Impractical Jokers

The intro describes the show as “scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other.” The games are loosely structured, relying heavily upon improvisation. The show’s comedic themes range from witty dialogue to slapstick routines, with the reactions of both the jokers and the members of the public serving as punchlines.

Yes! Sometimes it is hard to make friends or maintain friendships

Developing and maintaining good friendships takes effort. The enjoyment and comfort friendship can provide, however, makes the investment worthwhile.

I have a Friend name Thomas paul, I know him from my first job and he was older than me, he was 28 while I was 21, we always hang out at his place, he knows all about my personal life and professional career too, we like to drink whiskey together The two of us watch 3D movies, play instruments, and do flight simulators as well as listen to Hard Rock. He knows who I am, In-fact he know my Banking password, You have this comfort only with a good friend and he is a good friend with all the characteristic of good friend that I mentioned above.

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