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Here are 10 Sign’s Social Anxiety not rudeness

Hey friends, Have you ever notice that your friends always cancels the plan last minute ?? Some people will think that it is “Rude” but it is a sign of Social Anxiety disorder not Rudeness, according to the study every human being in this world experiences social anxiousness at certain level in one time or the other. In general Social anxiety is above the average level of worry, fear, panic in social situation. Ok!! here we go

Social Anxiety Disorder

10 Sign’s it’s Social Anxiety not rudeness

#1 Struggling to make eye contact Often people with social anxiety describes making an eye contact as called Anxiety provoking and uncomfortable, this is likely due to “Genetic Wiring” People diagnosed with Anxiety disorder has a pronounced fear of direct eye contact, this is because the part of the brain of your trigger dancer when you have eye contact

#2 Not eating food because they are afraid it may get stuck in their teeth Do you have fear eating in front of other, so then certainly lot of questions will run through your head like, What if spill my drink or food or I’ll chock and draw attention to myself, It can happen to you anywhere even in your work or school, You guys know “Socializing” which always include some kind of food or drinks always. This can be triggered by lot of reasons like Food, dining partner

#3 Cancelling plan last minute Do your or do you know someone who cancel the plan last minute ? for Example you may be thinking what if my friends think I’m boring or awkward, these thoughts can be challenged by Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. It helps to reframe your worrying thoughts so you’ll more interesting while interacting with other people.

#4 Shutting down in a group setting Do you remain silent in group setting, because you feel you will be judged about what you say ? if you suffer from from social anxiety you will try to avoid social situation and shut down in group setting, You shut down not because you are rude because of intense fear of embarrassment. if you don’t have social anxiety you will blush off at the awkward situation and you move on, if you have social anxiety you will replay your mistake over and over may be a week or a month.

#5 Having an outburst over something others consider small Do you every outburst over something really mildly irritating, Social anxiety can make difficulty in falling a sleep and staying sleep, so that will make you an angry person like Example Yelling at a dog for barking, Getting Mad in traffic because of Red light, long line in grocery story these all small challenges will turn into a monumental struggle if you have social anxiety

#6 Being glued to your phone or social media you use to take your mind off the overwhelming parts, you may feel like everyone is judging you, but your phone distracts you and help you escape.

#7 Struggling to open up or have a deeper conversation Underling it again Social anxiety disorder is the fear of Judgment or embarrassment by others you may think that people will think bad about you and you may not measure up! so obvi you struggle to open up and have a deep conversation.

#8 Leaving a party early Do you always worry that you will embarrass yourself or people around you will get embarrass by you ?? people with social anxiety will overthink about how others are judging them harshly.

#9 Appearing Tense in group setting People with social anxiety the fear and stress level is excessive in group setting, which can cause the individual to fear can be judged or rejected so they blush, look anxious, sweat, incompetent or boring.

#10 Creating a false time constraint You will try to make excuse to leave the place early to avoid social interaction to feel less stress.

So do you have any sign ? are you one of them, I Know this social Interaction can be difficult sometimes but although it is a part of the game. if you are any beloved think that you have Social Anxiety please contact a Mental health professional for help.

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