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Here are five things entrepreneurs should keep in mind

Kali_Slytherin Dj | Public relations agent | Writer

entrepreneur /ˌɒntrəprəˈnəː/


  1. a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. “many entrepreneurs see potential in this market”

#1 Find your ground

In order to define your strength, Selling cotton candy, self branding, or distribution, fashion, and blogging. Figure out where you fit best, who your competitors are and what make you unique! Take things one by one, no shortcuts, things will take time, as they say, slow and steady wins the race If creativeness is the only challenge, hire someone creative like a friend or a family member it can be anyone

your ground

#2 Develop your style

Let’s say you own a cotton candy store, and you compete with 10 other people in your street, so if you want to make a stand, you need to create your own style, by either developing your business strategy, or by using the ideas of others to create your own style. Once you’ve got a customer that’s healthy, you’ve always got a customer that’s healthy, It can begin with your website, with your infrastructure, with your talking and how you interact with your customers

My style

# 3 Collaboration

Don’t be afraid to talk, you must talk with your customers, your competitors. Find out if you can collaborate with them in any way and learn from them. You must never think you can do everything yourself. Everyday is a new adventure, give it a whirl. Send an email, be professional, and get the job done. Our objective is to earn money and establish our brand. Give your customers a personal touch.

collaborate with influencers, customers, competitors, event managers

#4 Balance

You cannot always be stiff, everyone is different, so you cannot expect everyone to be as professional as you, so “keep it simple” and work with them, do not be discouraged if you get rejected, just get back up and try again and again. Take it easy, don’t show anger to your vendor if he doesn’t show up on time, accept his mistake and pat him, it’s all about a personal relationship. If you need to, fire them; remember, you’re running a business. Things will get tough; don’t let anyone or anything bring your brand down.

This is for you

#5 Finance and Analytics

You have money, so don’t rush, just follow step 1,2,3,4 and figure out where to spend money and on whom to spend money to develop your business. If you spend money on your beautiful idea, don’t forget to view the results. In the event you do not have money to expand, try finding a Capital Venture that is close to you with specifics and details about your company. If someone rejects your business plan, improve it and try again until you succeed. In my case, I made 15,000 INR in a month of June 2021 by investing only 3000 INR. “you do not need big money to make money, you just need right skills

Be Analytical

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