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How Lamborghini Made The Huracan STO A Road-Going Race Car

We’re big fans of the notion that a car can be more than the sum of its parts. But when Lamborghini takes the expertise of its road-car division, the insanity of not one but two racing divisions, and the motorsport influence of leading brands like Brembo and Bridgestone, those parts of the equation are all phenomenal in their own right.

In isolation, one or two of these elements might make its way onto other track-focused road cars, but nothing short of seven-figure hypercars combines all this know-how and insanity into one all-inclusive package. The result? Take the sum of these parts and double it. Then double it again. Heck, triple it after that, because the insanity here is off the charts. And yet, somehow, it’s all perfectly at home on the streets. Race cars are typically hard as nails, and we don’t doubt that a real Super Trofeo racer would be, but aside from the magnetic suspension and an actual interior, this is a race car.

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