How to Manage a Horizon Europe Project

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When writing proposals for EU Projects, it can be pretty demanding and complicated. Course expertise in the subject matter, critical outlook, and time is necessary for writing top-notch proposals. Most importantly, the entire project will require a good, if possible perfect management plan. Understandably, it is not easy to manage a Horizon Europe implementing project, especially if you have not done it before. Starting with research on taking the easiest steps should be your priority; After all, this is just the beginning.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that you should utilize the help of a professional in the field. Nevertheless, this article discusses specific steps that every Horizon Europe project should possess.

What Are the Crucial Steps in a Horizon Europe Project?

1. Following call texts carefully during project development

A carefully developed project will most likely be a successful project. Analyzing everything according to the call text without leaving any detail out is essential.

2. Incorporating a strong consortium

As discussed earlier, Horizon Europe projects require expertise. A strong consortium of experts in their field can make the project successful because they will most likely guide the project on the right path.

3. Giving enough time to manage projects

During the proposal writing phase, ensure you take enough time to explain project management thoroughly. Also, always remember that time is everything. You will need to devote a lot of time to the project’s management.

4. Focusing on the right people and tools

During the project implementation stage, you will require human resources, tool structures, and anything suitable to work out your project. First and foremost, focusing on people is essential because the project is meant for humans ― not tools and machines.

5. Including sufficient project management expertise

Although Horizon Europe has simplified financial rules, a project’s financial management is complex, and most project coordinators often underestimate it. If a project coordinator is not well experienced, including financial departments or an external specialized party can be beneficial.

6. Paying attention to cultural differences

When handling projects, the international consortia incorporate skills gained from multiple research and cultural traditions. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize cultural differences and understand how they complement each other in moving the project forward rather than being a barrier.

Including the tips discussed above in your Horizon Europe project management can deliver efficient results. It is best to seek the help of professionals in the project management field if this is your first time implementing such a project. Furthermore, finding an organization that is not only helpful but will also be a great partner to your consortium is essential.

Apart from incorporating the steps discussed above in your project management, other necessary tips for a successful project include:

Building and Maintaining Trust

After implementing the steps for a successful Horizon Europe project, trust is vital. At the end of an excellent project, partners share a high level of trust among themselves. Although you may have multiple consortium partners who are new to each other at the start of a project, the project’s success depends on building and maintaining trust throughout the project. Therefore, regardless of the mode of communication, consortium partners should communicate frequently and effectively.

Preparing to Make Necessary Changes to the Consortium

During project implementation, most of Horizon Europe’s consortia change. It is advisable always to be ready for any changes to avoid a negative impact on project management.

To Wrap Things Up…

Managing a Horizon Europe project is not easy, especially if you are new to project management. However, thorough research, giving yourself enough time, and focusing on the right people can aid a project’s success.

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