I know. It was possible to see from a few… | by Gerep | May, 2022

It was possible to see from a few places on planet Earth.

A supernova explosion.

After some time, a fraction of that explosion was felt here and made our satellites go from millions in worth to nothing.

The shock wave allowed aurora borealis to be seen not exclusively in the north but also in some unexpected regions.

Some people claimed they had weird and unexplained visions, like dreaming awake. Some said they saw UFOs. Strange and fantastic reports of being surrounded by watchful eyes, some sort of presence.

Aino was one of the millions afflicted by this “presence”.

This presence could make her feelings come and go as breathing does. It felt as if this presence was both curious and cruel, trying to understand something.

Randomly, simple things like drinking water could become a frustrating experience. The tongue would perceive the water with a different texture, and sometimes, it would leave her with a dry mouth.

Beyond sensory confusion, the emotional ones made her a fickle person. Her partner tried hard to understand all that fluctuation in behaviour but grew tired of Aino talking about this presence.

Conflicting feelings grew inside of her. Her heart was filled with joy while crying, watching her partner leave.

Looking at the mirror gave her the feeling of watching someone else with thoughts that were not only hers. New memories of old events.

This presence was tearing her apart moment by moment, turning the good into bad.

One day, while watching that reflex in the mirror, trying to find herself, the eyes looking back at her were tired and empty.

It looked like that pair of eyes, although hers, lived many lives through space and time.

Feeling exhausted, Aino said out loud.

“This is cruel and inhumane.”

“I know” was the answer.

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