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Meet the “ILLUSTRELLA” sisters, who has a new creative code for fashion and weaving

Three Emirati sisters grew up watching their mother designing her fancy gowns in her home atelier. The girls Ahad, Afra, and Alia established their fashion label “ILLUSTRELLA” based in Dubai. The three sisters learned how to think differently and be unique. Fast-forward to today, Ahad, Afra, and Alia are three different characters chasing the same dream that one day to be part of the history of fashionistas around the globe and an artistic brand that aims to change fashion in the region.

Ahad is a talented entrepreneur with a three-year diploma in fashion design and graduated in 2003. Then, as a freelance fashion designer, she was selling sketches of her designs both within the country and overseas. She now works as a fashion designer for ILLUSTRELLA.

Afra is a gifted creative designer. As an architecture student, a talented creative designer acquainted herself with fashion illustrations, which suddenly inspired her to move to the prestigious French fashion school Esmod. Afra impressed her teachers, family, and friends with her talent and creativity at her first fashion show as a fashion designer. As a self-taught graphic designer, Afra’s creativity, imagination, graphic skills go into each design and print in ILLUSTRELLA.

Alia is a Media Graduate with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations. Her passion for fashion is evident in her use of her mother’s atelier to develop her sketches. Additionally, she designed her abayas, which are show-stopper on different occasions. Following numerous compliments for her designs, Alia created her evening gown collection, each an individual masterpiece. Her inspirations include fashion, art and details, and the love of standing out and being different. She belongs in Illustrella and will remain there.

They believe that everything in this world starts with a story. The name ILLUSTRELLA means illustration combined with sister in Italian. Illustrella’s logo is inspired by the gates leading to the castle, representing the gateway into the world of ILLUSTRELLA.

We aim to produce high-end fashion that highlights femininity through the high-quality fabric, with a high level of finishing. By creating our artwork and prints and then turning them into reality, we are not only creating fashion but will soon set a trend that speaks for itself.

Social media has helped build the brand, but they have also been a sticking point. Currently, we have over A following of 35,700 on one social media platform, and only tens of thousands of users see each post. Now we are making wedding dresses for brides who dream of their wedding dresses. illustrella will make it a reality with its unique touch.

While the ladies remain the sole owners of Illustrella, I was curious if they have gotten any plans for their brand future? Illustrella aims to become an internationally known brand and to have many franchises within the next few years so that customers can have our brand uniqueness and beautiful designs.

What it’s like to work with your sisters. It’s a combination of feelings. If you appreciate the beautiful things around us, we feel content Restoring The 40s & 50s combined with new futuristic trends. As always, ” You can be inspired by anything so long as you can feel it. Together, we created this. Keep believing and working towards it and, never give up. No doubt, you will face difficulties, but you must keep pushing and, you will succeed. Three sisters concluded.

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