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Insurrection Sympathizers Plan to “Commemorate” Jan. 6 in Miami

It’s been a year since the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, when a mob of Donald Trump’s supporters attempted to stop the certification of votes for President-Elect Joe Biden. The repercussions from that fateful day still reverberate throughout the nation as a congressional committee investigates the riot, and arrests and prosecutions continue for those involved in its planning and those who broke into the halls of government.

While many consider the deadly event a black eye for the country and democracy, some in South Florida are planning a gathering in downtown Miami tomorrow afternoon to “commemorate” the anniversary of January 6 and stand in solidarity with those who are facing the legal consequences of the storming of the Capitol.

A digital flyer posted in the J6 Patriot News Telegram channel calls on attendees to “Bring your American Flags and Peacefully Join” at 3:30 p.m. as organizers commemorate the anniversary outside the Federal Detention Center (FDC) at 33 NE Fourth St., where Paul Hodgkins, the first person sentenced for participating in the insurrection, is being held. Hodgkins is due for release in May.

The flyer was shared in numerous Telegram channels frequented by right-wing groups, including Don’t Tread on Florida, and the channel belonging to Miami’s Vice City chapter of the far-right Proud Boys.

The one-time leader of the Vice City Proud Boys, Gabriel Garcia, is scheduled to “host a prayer vigil” outside the detention center, along with guest speakers and a press conference, according to the flyer.

Garcia himself was identified as having been inside the Capitol during the insurrection and faces several misdemeanor and felony charges for his involvement, though he is free on bail. According to court documents filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Garcia videoed himself entering the Capitol with other rioters, exclaiming, “Nancy [Pelosi], come out and play,” and calling United States Capitol Police officers who tried to stop the rioters “fucking traitors.”

click to enlarge Miami Proud Boy Gabriel Garcia is scheduled to "host a prayer vigil" tomorrow at the Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami. - IMAGE VIA TELEGRAM

Miami Proud Boy Gabriel Garcia is scheduled to “host a prayer vigil” tomorrow at the Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami.

Image via Telegram

Sympathizers have continually argued that the arrested rioters are “patriots” who are being mistreated by the justice system for trying to stop what they saw as a fraudulent transfer of power.

Trump had been set to hold his own press conference at 5 p.m. tomorrow at Mar-A-Lago, but the event has reportedly been canceled.

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