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Is a Belgrade cool place to live? How did Belgrade …

Looking for an answer is a Belgrade cool place to live? Let us share some info with you and you decide does Belgrade work for you. Belgrade had been declared as party capital of the world many times in the past decade. So how did it happen that one small country at the South East Europe become the party capitol OF THE WORLD? Same question could be addressed to the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. How did these two small random countries become dominant in the Nightlife. Belgrade at Night wrote about this back in 2008. Long story short. Suppressing Emotions, Suppressing freedom of speech, Suppressing freedom of movement, long time isolated with unknown future. All of this was in the 90s, under the Nationalist Regime.


Belgrade Serbia cool place to live

Belgrade Serbia cool place to live



Big Reopening


After Democracy took place in the 2000 Belgrade opened to the world. Explosion of emotions lead into fun and party. Big credit goes to the local entrepreneurs who established amazing clubs. One of the clubs back then the Pioneer of good time was the Summer Club Sound. People were going out, dance and party with a smile on their faces. After so much time in the isolation freedom and hope finally arrived. Parties back then were different then nowadays. People used to go out to truly enjoy to the fullest. They were sharing that positive vibe that had been very much contagious. All of this was hosted at amazing summer clubs that are build on the rafts. From those rafts you can see the panoramic view of the Belgrade old city. Journalists fled to Belgrade hungry for a new story to write about. They were shocked when they arrived. After a hard history in the 90s they have seen people smiling, dancing and parting every single day of a week. Hanging around in parks and just chilling all around the city centre. They found people well dressed with a good manner. Safe city with no issues whatsoever. Boom! Stories about Belgrade flooded the news all around the world. Belgrade become the very much visited destination for the world wide travellers. You can check the whole story by clicking here: The Amazing Belgrade Nightlife Story


Is a Belgrade cool place to live

Is a Belgrade cool place to live



Good to know: Nowadays Belgrade Nightlife is not as it was back in the 2000. Energy changed, a lot of cool people left, and Folk Music took over a lot of the mainstream clubs. But still, Belgrade is a super cool city to visit! No doubt about that!


Check what other said about Belgrade


As most of the people nowadays work from their laptops. Belgrade has become the interesting destination for many. Some decided to move in permanently. What made them to choose Belgrade? Here are some short stories from random people that we know in person.


Friend from a Mexico came to Belgrade and open a restaurant. Very unique place. Very fast his place become popular. He found Serbia as a new home. Not planing to go back to Mexico any time soon.


Family from Russia moved in. They found peace they were looking for. Kids are learning English as they wanted. They don’t have plan to move around. Settled! Bought an apartment in the City Centre.


Alisa and Maria moved to Belgrade from Germany. Their grand grand parents are from Balkans. They work online as graphic designers. For few thousand euros a month two of them live the life that would require at least 10 000 euros in Berlin. Visiting art exhibitions almost every weekend. They are focused on a slow life style, Art Galleries and Museums more then to go out and party hard. From their prospective they see Belgrade as a raw Art place. While local people found it not so pretty, Alisa and Maria are fascinated with Graffiti’s at every single facade at the Belgrade City Centre.


Belgrade cool place to live

Belgrade cool place to live


Do you live in Belgrade? Is a Belgrade cool place to live? Send us an email with your experience. We might post it in the some of the next articles. Cheers

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