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Something, exciting and different, was noticed by one of the leading Instagram film influencers who claims to be one of the biggest film critics and paparazzi of today’s modern world. In the latest post, we saw them talking about the biggest superstar of Telugu cinema, stating that they have spotted him in a shoot that is possibly appearing to be for Pan Bahar. The photo published in the feed shows the superstar sitting on a chair in the extreme corner with a blur-blue box with a yellow logo placed next to him. In the first shot, it looks like that is Pan Bahar and the team is executing a campaign with him.

In a similar fashion, yet another heart throbbing situation was seen. Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff got spotted by yet another big film influencer. The team of the latter claimed to see Tiger along with the Pan Bahar team on the set. But, couldn’t manage any confirmation of the actor’s presence along with the product or placement along with it. Additionally, it was also cited that Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu along with Tiger Shroff has also got spotted for a soft drink ad commercial.


Now, it is difficult to confirm as to which of the stories is correct and which is wrong. If it is to be believed, then Mahesh Babu will be soon be seen in a commercial from Northern India for the first time. Then it won’t be quite wrong to say that it would also be the first benchmark for this Telugu star to surprise its mainstream audience in Bollywood. On the other hand, if Tiger Shroff will get featured along with Mahesh Babu, then it would be one of the biggest stories for both their fans as it would be a visual treat that would mirror both Bollywood and Telugu cinema on the same platform. Happily, it would be yet another entertainment bang that once featured Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikant sharing one frame.

For official confirmation, we also got in touch with the Pan Bahar team to validate the news but there was no confirmation from their side. Waiting to see what is to come!

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