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Jerry Garcia Wellness Debuts CBD Products With Mission To Help Save The Planet

The memory of one of the most iconic frontmen in rock ‘n’ roll is kept alive today. On August 1—what would have been Jerry Garcia’s 80th birthday—Jerry Garcia Wellness was announced, featuring an array of hemp-derived CBD wellness products.

The company is going out of its way to ensure that each and every piece of the packaging is plastic-free–down to the individual packaging components, and is a licensed partner with Jerry Garcia Music Arts, LLC., run by Jerry’s daughter Keelin Garcia. It comes at a time when the industry must face its plastic problem.

Jerry Garcia Wellness recruited Cameron Keluche, founder of KelSie Biotech, to serve as Head of Product Development. KelSie Biotech is known in the industry as a developer of some of the most highly effective CBD products and brands—with ongoing patent rights for processes involved in bubble drying, a sublingual wafer, and dry powder inhalable products.

Bobby Brahms serves as founder and CEO of Jerry Garcia Wellness. “One of the things that I’ve learned through this process—and it’s a multi-year process—is learning firsthand information from the family,” Brahms says. “So Chris McCutcheon is on our team. And Chris worked for Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, and is a member of the Jerry Garcia extension. After 25 years, it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek that he’s the historian and chief storyteller. But, you know, having worked with that band for 25 years, many of which Jerry was around, we’ve just learned so much about what a strong cannabis proponent he was.”

Brahms examined and sifted through all available Grateful Dead iconography, spending a day at one of the largest collectors of Jerry Garcia’s original art. Beyond music, Jerry was a prolific visual artist and painted up to 4,000 paintings in his lifetime. So Brahms was invited to look at the signatures on those paintings. He eventually settled on one particular signature that signified wellness, happiness, lightheartedness—an image that truly represented Jerry.

“It is an honor to work on this 100% organic and plastic-free CBD project initiated by Jerry Garcia Wellness,” said Keelin, president of Jerry Garcia Music Arts, LLC. “We appreciate how dedicated the company has been to ensure that every aspect of the project is in line with what father believed in and supported. We’re excited to be able to honor him on his 80th birthday by sharing this natural wellness CBD program with his fans.”

Keelin’s half-sister Trixie helped to spearhead a similar endeavor, Garcia Hand Picked, though the two endeavors are not related. McCutcheon worked with Weir and others for years, such as running the music studio he opened up a decade ago.

“It’s so cool that Jerry Garcia Wellness is announcing its debut in the CBD market on Garcia’s 80th birthday,” added Chris McCutcheon, Jerry Garcia Foundation board member, a long-time member of the Grateful Dead extended family. “The whole venture’s mission serves as a tribute to Garcia’s fans by giving new life to his vision.”

CBD is good if and only if it’s grown responsibly and processed by people who adhere to the strict guidelines of the US Department of Agriculture.

“Most of the CBD products that you see on the market today are made with a hemp seed oil,” Brahms said, referring to the sketchy products that can be found at places like gas stations. “And that’s a product that costs you $5 for a 50-gallon drum!”

Brahms added that typical CBD products off the shelves might contain unwanted additives like MCT oil. “That’s why we source only CBD from USDA-certified hemp.”

“I made a commitment for everything to be 100% plastic-free and petroleum rubber-free,” says Brahms. “So it’s taken me quite a while to develop packaging that has no plastic involved, and think about it: Look around. I don’t know where you’re sitting in your office or where you sit,” but avoiding plastic completely is unlikely to happen in any given setting.

Given that Jerry Garcia Wellness features hemp-derived products, the company won’t be limited to state-sanctioned cannabis regulations. Brahms said that his team will develop a line of what’s called Jerry’s Greens, which provide larger retail outlets, that may want want a lesser amount than what the legal limit is of CBD. “We’re aiming to be in the large retailers like CVS, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and even Walmart, he says. The company will be donating a portion of its proceeds to charities directed by his family.

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